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Dispute Resolution

Singapore Timber Association is pleased to advise mediation on any timber related disputes. In the 1990’s, Singapore Timber Association, formerly known as Singapore Timber Manufacturers’ Association together with the then, Singapore Trade Development Board came up with the Singapore Timber Trade Procedure (STTP).

A panel of timber experts were appointed by disputing parties involved in a timber trade dispute to:
a) Conduct an objective survey of the timber concerned,
b) Facilitate conciliation between disputing parties, and
c) Write and submit survey reports to the tribunal in arbitration if no settlement is reached upon the survey.

Any remunerations in respect of the appointments of the Timber Expert will be borne by the disputing parties.

Seminar and Course Management

Please stay tuned for the courses and seminars that will be organised by STA. The courses and seminars will be mainly of relevance to the timber industry (I.e. identification of timber species). All courses and seminars will be held in group sessions and commencement will be based on minimum number of sign-ups which is determined by STA prior to it.

Fees payable for the courses conducted will be borne by the attendees.

Upcoming Events

Our President & Committee Members of the Singapore Timber Association cordially invite you to our 2024 Chinese New Year Celebration.

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